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If you missed out on a space for the September start but would like to be kept up to date or join the waitlist if a space becomes available, fill in your details below.

Let me guess. You're a sociable woman in business who loves to bounce ideas around, enjoys being challenged and knows how beneficial it is when you're held accountable to taking action. You Thrive when you're a part of a group and enjoy nothing more that helping and supporting others just as much as being helped. 

You invest in your business, you've done every course going, watched every webinar and you're now looking for a regular space, a place, a group that allows you that quality thinking time with a group of women who are as like-minded as you and where you can receive quality support, advice and mentoring and coaching. I'm talking about the women who know their vision and know that stepping out of their comfort zone is going to bring great results. You know the importance of working ON your business as well as IN your business. And you've been looking for a small group to create amazing collective results over 6 months.

Any of this sound exciting? Let me introduce you to The Huddle. 

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The Huddle is perfect for you if:

The Huddle is a monthly small group of up to 6 women who meet in-person or virtually (both options are available) every month for 2.5 hours with Sam Dixon, Marketing Consultant, Mentor and accredited business coach.

 The Huddle is perfect for you if:

  • Are already running a business and it’s going well, but know it could do even better by getting help and insights from other successful women in business
  • You've been trying lots of new initiatives but you’re not getting the results or the breakthrough you want
  • You have a tendency to be attracted by SBO's (Shiny Bright Objects) and would benefit from clarity and focus in your business
  • You’re looking to build relationships within a warm and friendly group of women in business who have your back to help you reach your goal and build your business
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed, stretched and unfocussed
  • You're ready to do something differently so that you can transform you and your business.

The Huddles get started from September 2022. If you're interested in joining or finding out more, fill in the form and you'll be the first to hear.

Meet Sam

Hi, I'm Sam and I'm your host of The Huddle.

Before launching my first businesses almost 10 years ago, I spent 15 years in marketing working at some of the largest brands and companies in the UK – Sony, Sky, Marks & Spencer, Carphone Warehouse, Virgin Holidays and Thomas Cook to name just a few. And for the past 10 years I’ve worked with business owners to share my experience, knowledge and know-how to help make positive changes to their businesses.

I've launched and run a number of successful (and I'll be honest, not so successful businesses) and so I bring with me a wealth of honest and relatable experience. And in product, service and premise based businesses.

Join me and The Huddle you'll be getting 3 for the price of 1. I'll be bringing my marketing consultancy, my business coaching experience and you'll be surrounded and supported by like-minded women who you're going to get to know and work alongside over the 6 months. We'll be there to cheer you on, keep you focused, offer bum kicks where needed and generally be in your team to success.

Any questions about The Huddle, or working with me, drop me a line.



What Can I Expect

More details coming very soon. Fill in the form to be the first to hear...and I pinky promise to drop by with all the details, dates and how to join.

Is The Huddle Right For Me?

The Huddle provides an opportunity to work with like-minded and supportive women in business.  

  •  It allows you to take time out of your regular environment and to pause, reflect and share experience, knowledge and connections to help each other succeed. 
  • You can share your challenges and goals and discuss and generate new ideas to move your business forward. 
  • We will hold each other accountable, take time to think and plan with structure and direction. 
  •  To be clear, this is not networking or selling. This is a place to focus ON your own business.